My experience with video production continues to grow each day. During my time at Eastern Illinois University I took four classes to help me progress.

Electronic Production I

Students receive an overview of the electronic media and learn basic audio and video production theories and techniques. Emphasis is on studio production. Students will be required to complete laboratory hours at WEIU-TV and/or WEIU-FM.

Electronic Production II

Students learn theories and techniques of audio and video production, with an emphasis on field production, post-production, and broadcast news. Students will be required to complete laboratory hours at WEIU-TV and/or WEIU-FM.

Video Production

The study and practice of the production of video programs, including scripting, producing, and basic directing. Practical experience in a wide variety of production exercises.

Advanced Video Production

This course deals with the principles of preproduction planning, scripting, lighting, and audio and video mixing for studio and remote television productions as unified by the television director

The course descriptions are courtesy of the EIU Catalog.

My Services:

  • DVD Slideshows - These are memorable slideshows for any occasion. This includes weddings, funerals, reunions, or for family use. A perfect gift for families and friends.
  • High School Football - I shoot the Oblong Panthers games for scouting use.
  • Instructional - How to videos.
  • Music Recitals and Concerts
  • Recruiting Videos - I create highlight reels for athletes.
  • Weddings

My goal is to capture meaningful moments on film to last a lifetime and to create educational documentaries to influence others.